Jumat, 01 Mei 2009

Foto Bikini Artis-Artis Seksi

Sexy photos of young indonesian Celeb or actress. this photos take in bali beach with Claudia Cintya Bella, Cathy Sharon and Julie Estelle with sexy Bikini. Bali is one of Travel and Tourism at Indonesia. Favorite for Asian especially Indonesian People to Holiday in every weekend.

"That's the image I now celebrate the new year yesterday, there have Julie, Cathy, Moreno and his family, so the image is not a kind of" firm Bella when requested confirmation.

Although the image is said to be not in line with the eastern tradition, but both Bella and Julie does not feel afraid to be stamped by ugly people.

"I have real fear is with circulate photos like this, essentially akan accept any image that people sematkan to me, because I think this is the act of the real work is to clean up mistakes of others," the firm Bella greeted pitching Julie Estelle.

The picture, said Julie, taken during their year-end holiday in Bali. "If the image is then spread on the internet, it certainly works the fraudulent course. Be not need clarification," said the younger sister Cathy Sharon this while running.