Rabu, 19 Agustus 2009



Nurlaila Sari Bunga Zainal Fazri Martha was born in Jakarta, 23 March 1987( 22 years old) or more commonly known by the name of Bunga Zainal is a young actress of Indonesia. Bunga Zainal start a career in the world of entertainment with the play in sinetron.Bunga Zainal, is the star model and the ad also stars acting Indonesia. Who is the first Bunga Zainal'film is CURI PANDANG CURI PERHATIAN, who played with Derry and Zumarnis Marini Drajat.

Role when the popular character portrayal of a woman who called Ranti in the film RAHASIA HATI, after the previous headline "KUCING MENCARI CINTA" mice. Including the role as bulan in film PERAWAN DESA.

Bunga Zainal, in a way love story had a relationship with Raffi Ahmad, although not persist. Now,according the news this film stars, has a relationship with drummer Didi Riyadi, also dropped out after a previous relationship with Nicky Tirta.

Bunga is the daughter pair Syafury and Evi Zainal. He is the younger sister of Vicky Zainal film artist, child number four of the six brothers.

Bunga Zainal confess himself 'enjoy' the status on the General himself. Since dropping out of the pesinetron Nicky Tirta, Bungaa not claim to have the new trailer. Will himself 'cured' to court again?

Speaking of the criteria it ideal, not himself actually a requirement to give too grandiose. But for now, prefers to enjoy his solitude and concentration on his career.

"The most important, he is pity me and my family.My mother also not the first court, find the money it first. Now I enjoy being loneliness. Perhaps there is also not suitable, because I think the court is not rich like nuts or clothes," he said.

During the holidays, Bunga and family planning to go to Bali. Bunga prefer to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Pulau Dewata worried because infected swine flu if traveling abroad.